Student /Teacher Romance Book List

Just like I promised, here is the list!! This list would fall into my “Taboo” section. We all know that a teacher and student shouldn’t become involved, but not all of the scenarios are too shocking. I knew that this was a popular subject, but I didn’t realize just how many books about it there actually was! I must admit that in doing my “research” for this list…I added quite a few to my own TBR list. I have read a few of the books, but certainly not all of them.

If you’re like me and you like this genre, I hope you find a couple of new ones to try. If you have never taken the leap into this type of taboo read, then maybe you will see something that intrigues you enough to jump in!

The following books are listed in alphabetical order by the author’s last name.  

- Blurry - By Carina Adams

- Bad Professor - By Claire Adams

- Last Will and Testament (Radleigh University #1) - By Dahlia Adler

- Right of First Refusal (Radleigh University #2) - By Dahlia Adler

​- Even When You Lie to Me - By Jessica Alcott

- This Love (University of Branton #1) – By Nazarea Andrews

- Mistake No. 7 - By Laura P. Avery 

- In the Moment - By Alison G. Bailey - Read my review.

- Need Me:  A Broke and Beautiful Novel- By Tessa Bailey

Behind the Wall:  A Novella – By Jane Harvey-Berrick 

- Secret Lucidity:  A Forbidden Student/Teacher Romance Stand-Alone - By E.K. Blair - Read my review.

- Tantalized – By Nenia Campbell (This one contains warnings!)

- Lessons in Love - Clarissa Carlyle

- Letters of Love (Lessons in Love #2)- By Clarissa Carlyle

- Losing It – By-Cora Carmack – I read this one! It was entertaining!

- Three (Love by Numbers #3) - By E.S. Carter - Can be read as a standalone.

​- Deviation (A Defined Series #1) - By M.C. Cerny

- Loving Mr. Daniels- By Brittainy C. Cherry - Loved it!!!  See my review.

- Spring Fling- By Elle Christensen

-Red:  A Love Story - By Nicole Collet 

-Pushing the Limits - By Brooke Cumberland

- Teacher's Pet - By Lola Darling

- Almost Eighteen (Wilson Mooney #1)– By Gretchen de la O

- Eighteen at Last (Wilson Mooney #2) – By Gretchen de la O

- Beyond Eighteen (Wilson Mooney #3)– By Gretchen de la O

-Londyn Falls- By Jennifer Domenico

- The Secret We're Keeping - By Rebecca Done - I loved this!  See my review.

- Dear Professor - By Blaire Drake

-Learning to Fall- By Jillian Eaton

- Landon - By Scarlett Edwards

- Everything Between Us- By Mila Ferrera

- Only Between Us– By Mila Ferrera

First Semester (Elton Hall Chronicles #1) – By Sarah Fischer 

- Shuttered Affections (Cornerstone #1)– By Rene Folsom

- How Not to Fall (The Belhaven Series) - By Emily Foster

- How Not to Let Go (The Belhaven Series) - By Emily Foster

- Fall Semester – By Stephanie Fournet – This was a fabulous book!!!  See my review.

- Veiled Innocence - By Ella Frank - Sooo good!  See my review.

- Dark Notes- By Pam Godwin - A dark student/teacher romance!  See my review.

The Protégé (The Protégé #1) – By Kailin Gow

- The Truth About You & Me – By Amanda Grace – The girl is 16 in this novel, but she lies about it!

- The Tutor - By K.D. Grace

- Broken Ever After– By Natalie Graham

- Breaking Her:  An Ever After Novella- By Natalie Graham

- On the Island – By Tracey Garvis- Graves – I loved this book!!! See my review.

- Breaking Gravity - By Autumn Grey

- Hit- By Lorie Ann Grover (YA)

- The Weight of Words (The Words Series #1)- By Georgina Guthrie - Amazing book!  See my review.

- Better Deeds Than Words ( The Words Series #2) - By Georgina Guthrie 

- The Truest of Words (The Words Series #3) - By Georgina Guthrie

-The Record of My Heart (The Words Series #4) - By Georgina Guthrie

- Sunset at Lake Crane (A Livingston Valley Novel #1) - By Casey Hagen

- Broken English (Broken Lives #1) - By Marita A. Hansen

- Shattered Poetry (Broken Lives #2) - By Marita A. Hansen

- A Different Blue – By Amy Harmon – This one was incredible!!! See my review.

- Falling to Pieces - By Leddy Harper - See my review.

​- Thorn - By Liv Hayes

- Letters To My Mother - By Rebecca Heath

- Break Your Heart - By Rhonda Helms - See my review.

- Absolute Beginners (An Absolute Novel #1) - By SJ Hooks

- Absolute Lovers (An Absolute Novel #2) - By SJ Hooks

- Slammed (Slammed Series #1) – By Colleen Hoover – Another wonderful book!!! See my review.

- Point of Retreat (Slammed Series #2) - By Colleen Hoover - See my review.

​- Undone (Disclosure Series #1) - By R.E. Hunter - See my review.

- Unbroken (Disclosure Series #2) - By R.E. Hunter - See my review.

- Eighteen- By J.A. Huss - See my review.

- A Pound of Flesh- By Sophie Jackson - See my review.

- Trouble - By P.L. Jenkins

- So Many Reasons Why – By Missy Johnson – See my review.

- Always You– By Missy Johnson

- Rewriting History - By Missy Johnson & Carly Grey

- Call Me - By Gillian Jones

To Professor, with Love (Forbidden Men #2) - By Linda Kage

- Beautiful Mistake - By Vi Keeland - See my review.

- The Unrequited - By Saffron A. Kent - See my review.  (Oh, my heart!)

- Discipline – By Valerie Kidd

- Star-Crossed- By Luna Lacour

- Arouse (A Spiral of Bliss Novel #1) – By Nina Lane – So good and so realistic!!! See my review.

- Allure (A Spiral of Bliss Novel #2) - By Nina Lane - Love this series!  See my review.

- Awaken (A Spiral of Bliss Novel #3)- By Nina Lane -See my review.

- Lessons of the Heart - By Jodie Larson

- A Season of Eden– By Jennifer Laurens

​- Beautiful Torment - By Paige Laurens

- For The Love of Ash - By Taylor Lavati

- Want By Stephanie Lawton

- Need (Want #2) - By Stephanie Lawton

- Teaching Roman - By Geneva Lee

- Beautifully Broken - By Laura Lee

- Beautiful Burn - By Adriane Leigh

- You Should Smile - By Renee Leigh

- Shameless - By Nina Lemay - See my review.

- Tempting (The Tempting Series #1)- By Alex Lucian - See my review.

- Provocative (The Tempting Series #3)-By Alex Lucian - This is the sequel to the first book in the series.

Hot For Teacher (Anthology) -By Mandee Mae & others

Heartless (The Chasing Hearts Series #1) - By Vanessa Marie

- Breathless (The Chasing Hearts Series #2) - By Vanessa Marie

After Office Hours:  Seducing the Professor – By Amelia J. Matthews & Heather Young-Nichols

- Sol (Love in Translation #1) - By Leslie McAdam 

- Master Professor (Lessons from the Rack) - By Tara Sue Me 

- Headmaster (Lessons from the Rack) - By Tara Sue Me

- Teacher (A Hollywood Rock n' Romance #1) - By R.L. Merrill

- Black Rainbow - By J.J. McAvoy

Nocturne – By Charles Sheehan–Miles and Andrea Randall – This one was really good.

- Ally Hughes Has Sex Sometimes - By Jules Moulin

- Honor Student (Honor Series #1)– By Teresa Mummert

- Honor Thy Teacher (Honor Series #2)– By Teresa Mummert

- Honor and Obey (Honor Series #3)– By Teresa Mummert

- Honor and Betray (Honor Series #4) - By Teresa Mummert

- Distraction:  The Distraction Trilogy #1 - By A.E. Murphy - See my review.

- Destruction:  The Distraction Trilogy #2 - By A.E. Murphy

- Distinction:  The Distraction Trilogy #3- By A.E. Murphy

- The Substitute - By Xavier Neal 

- Everything:  A Singed Wings Novel - By Erin Noelle

- Tampa - By Alissa Nutting 

- The Love Experiment - By Amy Pinkston

- Teach (City of Sinners #1) - By Jillian Quinn

- The Ivy Lessons (Devoted #1)– By S.K. Quinn

- Where the Ivy Grows (Devoted #2)– By S.K. Quinn

- Bound By Ivy (Devoted #3)– By S.K. Quinn

- The Blackwell Lessons (Devoted #4) - By S.K. Quinn

- When Summer Ends– Isabelle Rae

- Unteachable– By Leah Raeder – I loved this gritty and raw novel!!! This book made my Top Books of 2013 List.

- If I Stay– By Evan Reeves

- Kissing Tolstoy (Dear Professor #1) - By Penny Reid

- Absinthe - By Winter Renshaw

- Gabriel’s Inferno– By Sylvain Reynard - Well written. See my review.

- Gabriel’s Rapture (Book 2) – By Sylvain Reynard – I enjoyed it!! See my review.

- Gabriel’s Redemption (Book 3)– By Sylvain Reynard – Very good conclusion to the series. See my review.

- Solo - By Lauren E. Rico - Read my review.

- The Low Notes – By Kate Roth

- xo, Zach - By Kendall Ryan 

- Promise to Love (The Promise Series) - By Melissa Silvey

- Temptation (The Hunted Series #1) - By Ivy Smoak

- Addiction (The Hunted Series #2) - By Ivy Smoak

- Eruption (The Hunted Series #3) - By Ivy Smoak

- Devotion (The Hunted Series #4) - By Ivy Smoak 

- Teach Me- By Amy Lynn Steele

- The Professor - By Charlotte Stein 

- The Force of Gravity (Book 1) - By Kelly Stevenson - Fantastic book! - See my review.

- Indecent - By Corinne Sullivan - Releasing March 6, 2018!

-Under The Peaches (Teaching Love #1) - By Shana Vanterpool

- Preservation (Preservation #1) – By Rachel Wade

- Reservation (Preservation #2)– By Rachel Wade

- Good– By S. Walden – This was such a fabulous book!!! See my review.

- Better - By S. Walden - The sequel to Good.

- Damaged:  The Ferro Family (Damaged #1)– By H.M. Ward

- The Beauty Series – By Skye Warren

- Forbidden Attraction (Forbidden Trilogy #1)- By S.R. Watson

- Forbidden Love (Forbidden Trilogy #2) - By S.R. Watson

- Easy (Contours of the Heart #1) – By Tammara Webber- This book was really good.  This book made my Top Books of 2013 List.

- Breakable (Contours of the Heart #2) - By Tammara Webber

- Schooled by a Senior - By K. Webster

- Bad Teacher - By Clarissa Wild

- Indisputable- By A.M. Wilson

- Patch Up (Patch Up Series #1) – By Stephanie Witter – This is a relationship between a student and a T.A.

- Fix Up (Patch Up Series #2) - By Stephanie Witter

- Rebel (The Renegades) - By Rebecca Yarros - Standalone.

I hope you enjoyed reading this list as much as I enjoyed making it!

Happy Reading!!!

Please feel free to comment or share.

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*This list keeps growing!  I will continue to add more books to the list as they become available!