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There’s something about curling up to read one of Stephanie Fournet’s novels that just feels like reacquainting with an old friend.  Though I’ve never been to the Saint Streets in Lafayette, Louisiana, I’ve visited them many times through her books.  They provide a vivid backdrop to her captivating stories.  I am always more than happy to take a return trip to these streets and to meet the new characters that are sure to touch my heart.

Someone Like Me is a novel about forgiveness, acceptance, and second chances, and after serving eight years in the penitentiary, Drew Moroux needed all those things.  Some family members turned their backs on him, unable to forgive him for his crimes.  But no one was harder on him than he was.  He did his time, but all the time in the world couldn’t erase what he’d done.  He wore his guilt and shame like a heavy cloak, weighing him down with each memory of the pain he’d caused.

Luckily for Drew, he still had a few family members who were on his side.  Grandma Quincy was, if I’m being honest, my favorite character.  With her wisdom, kind heart, and her manipulative nature (which was always done with the best of intentions, of course), she not only offered him a home, but also welcomed him into her strong open arms.  She was the gold standard of what a good person was.

Evie Lalonde was a free-spirited young woman who was in tune with her body, mind, and her surroundings.  She believed that honesty was always the best policy and tried to live her best life.  She was a people-pleaser, but only because she was just brimming with innate goodness and good intentions.  Even though it hurt that her family disapproved of her profession, she knew exactly the kind of life that she wanted to live.

When Evie met Drew, she trusted her instincts and knew deep down that he was a good soul who needed kindness and friendship.  Drew was determined to bear his burden and keep Evie at bay.  She was everything that Drew thought he didn’t deserve, but with her persistence, he began to believe that she just might be what he needed.

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of slow burning romances.  I’m a patient reader who always appreciates an author who takes their time developing the characters and their relationships.  Fournet never rushed this story along.  It progressed at a steady pace, allowing her readers the opportunity to truly get to know the characters.

Someone Like Me was a well-rounded novel.  It broke my heart, healed it, made me root for a few characters, and made me want to shake some sense into a few others.  As always, I enjoyed my time spent with the characters from Lafayette, and I am already looking forward to my next visit!

*4.5 Stars


Someone Like Me

By Stephanie Fournet