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Autumn: Dawn is technically the seventh book in David Moody’s Autumn series; however, it runs parallel with book one, with a completely new cast of characters. Moody has created a fantastic world with the Autumn series, filled with so many different stories to tell.

What sets Autumn: Dawn apart from the other books in the series is that this one is set in the heart of London, a hugely diverse city with an extremely dense population. This just ups the ante on the Autumn concept where 99.9% of the population suddenly dies and comes back looking for blood.

At first, I had problems connecting with Autumn: Dawn. The story didn’t revolve around one protagonist for me to connect with; this book was a complete cast of ever-changing focal points, much like what I imagine a city like London must be like. This story isn’t about any one character, the city is the protagonist; the characters simply personify different aspects of it. Moody reveals the good, bad, ugly and beauty of the city.

As I kept reading, the story built up steam like a double-decker bus rolling down a hill. I found my place amongst this city teaming with death and decay. Moody is a master of detailing the hordes, while at the same time keeping them nondescript. After all, the story is never about them, it is about us and what we do when faced with a mass of decaying undead.

*5 Stars

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Autumn: Dawn

(The London Trilogy #1)

 By David Moody