Come With Me really pulled me in right from the start. It is written like nothing I’ve ever read before, Malfi has once again amazed me with one of his stories. Come With Me goes places that the reader just cannot see coming.

The premise of the story is one that no one wants to experience. The spouse of our protagonist is killed (the how and why – well, you’ll have to read the story for that shocker); then the avalanche of secrets start to tumble, one after the other. As a reader, I had to ask myself: How would I react? Could so many secrets be kept from me in my own home? Can you ever really know someone, completely?

Malfi is a magician with his words, it is these words and descriptions that kept me riveted to the pages. There is an art, a visualization of the world that he has that goes far beyond my own; to be able to take the mundane (a smoke detector) and make it sinister, Cyclopean. When you read it, you can see it, but it takes someone with an incredible vision of the world around us to illustrate the obvious.

The perspective of Come With Me stood out to me right from the start! It was so very personal, and it made Aaron Decker incredibly tangible, I was on his adventure right from the opening shot. I followed Aaron every step of the way to the end.

I kind of think that Come With Me breaks a few boundaries, and I loved the book for that.

*5 Stars

Come With Me

By Ronald Malfi

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