Morgan Is My Name

By Sophie Keetch

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When I saw that the story of Morgan le Fay was about to be released, I just could not resist. Another addition to my herstorical fiction file. I’ve really enjoyed the female perspectives on stories that I thought I knew so well.

Let’s be honest, this story is fiction based on fiction; it takes the male bias that villainized strong women and turns it on its head to make “the man” the bad guy. It is often said that history is written by the victors, well now herstory is being written by the imaginative.

The story of Morgan that I know comes from bits and pieces from movies and books. She was never the star but an obstacle to overcome. Keetch has a base story to work from, but I think that she can take a great deal of latitude on the finer details. She really made Morgan her own.

I like what Keetch did with the story, she took what could arguably be the most famous villainess from English history and myth (yes, you could debate Grendel’s mother) and she created a sympathetic character. I was on her side. I know that things will turn out badly for Morgan, but she is going to take some of those bad guys down with her.

I’m pretty sure that Morgan Is My Name is intended as the first in what should be a trilogy, there is a lot of great story left to be told, with some death and destruction that I am really looking forward to. Who could want for anything more? I could!

*4 Stars