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Grady Hendrix is quickly turning into one of my top go-to authors. He has a decent-sized back catalogue, which I am slowly whittling down, and I am always eager to dig my teeth into his next book.

My Best Friend’s Exorcism quickly pulled me in with all its 1980s nostalgia. There is nothing better than using your readers memories to immediately make them comfortable with your book. From the big hair on the cover, to the song title chapters, I knew everything that Hendrix was talking about.

I like how he focused on the characters, building up the best friends from childhood. Abby and Gretchen were inseparable, you couldn’t say one name without the other. Hendrix took his time and developed this relationship before the event that would change their lives forever. I appreciated getting to know the two of them before Gretchen was possessed by the devil.

This is a story of relationships, best friends, and how far you would go for yours. The plot moved nicely, there was enough action to keep me involved, but the characters mattered most. Was it scary? Not as much as some other books. But then again, in keeping with the ‘80s theme, the horror movies weren’t always as scary as they were there to shock and disgust, in fact, I would have to honestly say that My Best Friend’s Exorcism was true to the time and genre with what was one of the most disgusting scenes I have ever read, seen, or heard. Good job, Beau.

I found My Best Friend’s Exorcism to be an ode to the ‘80s, filled with nostalgia and all of the good and bad from that time. Could someone not from the ‘80s love the story? I can’t see why not, however, I am biased. From the immediate connection to the great friendship to the “I have to stop and take a break moment,” right up to the reality of life after the ‘80s. I loved the story.

*5 Stars

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My Best Friend's Exorcism

By Grady Hendrix