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If the Fates Allow

By Rainbow Rowell

This was a fun, relevant little holiday story! This is a story that we can all relate to on some level. Our lives have changed because of the pandemic, and things are now starting to, dare I say it, become more normal. Most of us went for long periods of time without seeing our loved ones, some people threw caution to the wind. Christmas 2020 wasn’t the same for the majority of us, but this year promises to be a bit brighter (fingers crossed).

I thoroughly enjoyed this short story. I loved Reagan! She was snarky, rude, and she was a hoot! She certainly wasn’t the warmest, friendliest lady, but her prickly nature meant that she could social distance like a boss. She took the rules and warnings of the pandemic very seriously, and don’t you dare go near her without your mask on!

While this was a short read, I must say that Rowell packed a decent amount into it. It was a fun-filled short story that had humor, a touch of romance, and a dash of hope.

*5 Stars


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