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I can always count on K.A. Tucker to pluck me out of reality for a little while and entertain me with an enticing story and a great cast of characters.

The book is written entirely from Scarlet’s perspective – rejoice!  I love getting only one side of the story,  it always helps to build my excitement for what’s to come.  The butterflies flutter in my stomach, my nerves get tested, and it makes the falling-in-love aspect that much more intense.

Scarlet Reed’s life was looking up.  After being offered a job as the sixth-grade teacher at her former elementary school and buying the cute fixer-upper that she’d always admired, her life seemed to be on track.  Although she was a bit hesitant to move back to her hometown, she figured that time would’ve healed old wounds and she would no longer have to bear the brunt of her mother’s reputation.  She also thought that enough time had passed since her heart had been obliterated by one of the most popular guys in her high school.  Mm hmm…but Shane Beckett just so happened to be her new next-door neighbor.

I could feel Scarlet’s apprehension jump out through the pages of this book.  Putting myself in her shoes, I could completely understand how awkward that scenario would be, however, as a reader who enjoys a good helping of angst in the novels that I read, I was rubbing my hands together in anticipation.

Hey, it doesn’t have to be awkward, right?  Shane is nice, helpful, handy, and still as gorgeous as Scarlet remembers.  He’s always willing to lend a helping hand.  But Scarlet doesn’t want to be his friend.  Time didn’t erase all of the hurt that he caused her, but he makes it increasingly difficult for her to stick to her guns.  His flirtatious behavior and his multiple attempts to invite her over for supper tempt her into believing that things could be different now, but that would be too easy. 

And in walks the drama…

The Player Next Door is a good mix of enemies to lovers and second chances.  Between a great cast of characters, a good amount of chemistry, and enough drama to keep me intrigued, The Player Next Door was a fun-filled way to spend some time.  I’m hoping that a return trip to Polson Falls is in my future.

*4.5 Stars


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The Player Next Door 
 By K.A. Tucker