Nights of the Living Dead:

An Anthology

 Edited By Jonathan Maberry

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​​Zombies are so much fun! We have George A. Romero to thank for the zombie as we now know it. Nights of the Living Dead is an anthology by some of the current top authors in the zombie and horror genres that pay homage to Romero and his ghouls.

As with any anthology, with so many different voices it is hard to do the book proper justice in a review; some stories and authors resonate better than others. Overall, I enjoyed the stories in Nights of the Living Dead. The concept for the authors was to place their short stories in the ghoul-filled world created by George A. Romero. I think that the authors had a lot of fun with it and the feeling was mutual.

I got to reconnect with some great stories by some old favorite authors like: Joe R Lansdale, David Wellington, Mira Grant, and Jonathan Maberry; while at the same time I got introduced to some new-to-me authors: Ryan Brown, Carrie Ryan, and Max Brallier (whose “Snaggletooth” was exceptional). Some stories I’ve seen before and certain others just didn’t click with me, that happens.

Nights of the Living Dead was a great way to kill some time on my commute (I went with the Audible version of the book).

*4 Stars