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​With the holiday season in full swing, I was looking for a great little Christmas tale to enhance the season. So, give me some Christmas ghosts and a good dose of Krampus. I am ready for someone to put the holy crap into my holy nights.

Lucky Girl (I’ve decided to shorten the title, it is way too long for a book that is too short) had an excellent premise that fell short on delivery. I don’t know who to blame: the author, is that all she wanted to say; the publisher, did they tell her to cut it short because readers want novellas for the holidays. This was the turkey dinner without the gravy, stuffing, and potatoes, not even any cranberries.

Rickert gave us an interesting enough cast, their coming together made the story work. But the cast needed more time and attention to become characters. Sure, Ro got plenty of attention, but I wanted to know more about buddy and the other guy; the two gals were almost nonentities. Make your characters complete, everyone needs to be relevant, even the red shirts.

The quality of the writing was there. Rickert can present a story, but this one needed more time. I want to spend my reading time with books that I will remember for years.

The saving grace for Lucky Girl was a great twist at the end. I guess you could say at least I got my pecan pie.

*3 Stars

Lucky Girl: How I Became A Horror Writer: A Krampus Story

By M.Rickert

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