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​What could be better than a Norwegian horror book from Jo Nesbo to kick off October? I’ve read Nesbo before and thoroughly enjoyed his work, so, I was expecting to really get into The Night House.

Unfortunately, The Night House just didn’t resonate with me. This story is divided into three parts. The first part worked well, it started off with some shock (always a great way to start a book); we got to know the characters and the story moved at a great pace.

Then part two started, and well, the tone of the story changed; the story was no longer the story we thought it was. More and more The Night House began to feel more like a middle-grade story than an adult horror. I started to lose interest and found that I wanted the original story to continue.

Then came part three, and Nesbo changed everything up again. One big shift that didn’t work for me was enough. Two? Come on.

The Night House may work just fine as a middle-grade horror book, but it left me wanting more. It started out with some great twisted stuff, but that was it. I’ve got some more Harry Hole books on the horizon, perhaps that is what I should stick to from Nesbo.

*3 Stars

The Night House

By Jo Nesbo