Made in Manhattan

By Lauren Layne

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When I’m in the mood for some witty banter and romantic chemistry, Lauren Layne’s novels are always high on my list. After reading a couple of books with heavier themes, I needed a break, an escape, and I decided that Manhattan was the ideal spot for my next literary getaway.

I liked the premise of a reverse My Fair Lady. This held the promise of a fun, modern, opposites-attract romance. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t picture Violet Townsend (our leading lady) as Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

When Violet is tasked with the not-so-easy job of turning a rough-around-the-edges man from Louisiana into a refined, cultured (or semi-cultured) man who would fit in nicely with the other affluent Manhattanites and take over his grandmother’s company, she has her work cut out for her.

Cain Stone isn’t really interested in changing his style or social graces, but he would be a fool to turn down this financial opportunity. Spending time on clothes shopping, tailoring, cultural activities, and dinner parties isn’t really what Cain is about, but he reluctantly goes along with it to potentially run the family business.

Violet and Cain butt heads. It was inevitable. She’s a polished, pearl-wearing socialite whose impeccable manners and social graces are imperative to her lifestyle. Cain is happy with the way he is and isn’t really sure that the suit makes the businessman. While they antagonize each other, of course, there is an attraction and chemistry between them that sizzles under the surface.

Okay, I enjoy this type of trope, but there was just something that was missing for me. While I essentially liked the characters (Alvin was my favorite), I was lacking a connection to them. I wanted more. While both of the characters had issues and personal growth in the novel, I still felt that it was skimming the surface of what the story could have been. I wanted to fall in love with the story, but in the end, I just fell in like.

*3.5 Stars