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Beartown had been sitting on my Kindle for far too long. I am so glad that I finally read it. Going into it, I knew that it was highly rated by fellow readers, and do you know what? It deserves every accolade that it has received. If I could write a review with only one sentence, it would simply be: do yourself a favor and read this book!

Beartown centers around a small remote town in Sweden where hockey reigns supreme. From the glory days of their team’s past to the potential of their current junior team winning the national semi-finals, Beartown is nothing if not dedicated to the game.

If you aren’t a hockey fan, no worries, this book is about so much more. Backman is a master of creating characters, and this book is truly about the characters who inhabit Beartown. I was immediately invested in these characters’ lives. I loved some, admired others, and wanted to see the downfall of others, but all in all I cared.

This author tapped into human nature in all of its glory and all of its darker sides. Beartown deals with many societal issues that are relatable and relevant. There wasn’t one chapter that I read that I didn’t feel something. It is brimming with raw emotion, an abundance of heart, and it is a story that will not soon be forgotten.

Beartown is one of those special novels that leaves you recommending it to everyone you know. It may very well be one of the best novels that I have ever read.

*5+ Stars


By Fredrik Backman

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