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The Burnout

By Sophie Kinsella

I think we can all admit that to some degree we have all felt pulled in a million different directions, overwhelmed, and exhausted from time to time. Well, if anyone can take a trying time and turn it into an entertaining read, it’s Sophie Kinsella.

Sasha Worth was definitely at the end of her rope. She was overworked, unfulfilled, and not living her life to the fullest. Unfortunately, this seems to be an all-too-common problem in today’s society, or at least we hear about it more often. Well, Sophie Kinsella took this issue and turned it into a captivating, lighthearted reading experience that was filled with a likable, eccentric cast of characters.

When Sasha finally came to the conclusion that something had to change in her life, well, she snapped. Yes, I found myself laughing during her struggle, but in my defense, I am certain that that was the intention. When she agrees to take a leave of absence from work to focus on herself, she goes back to Rilston Bay, a holiday destination that held some of her most treasured memories. Rest, relaxation, and the beach, what could be better than that.

Perhaps things had changed in Rilston Bay since her childhood, but she was there to unwind and be healthy, and the staff at the Rilston Bay Hotel were there to provide that very experience for her.  Mmhmm. I adored the staff at the Rilston Bay Hotel. Their scenes ended up being some of my favorite moments spent within the pages of this book. There was also another guest staying there who didn’t exactly keep Sasha in a calm, cool, and collected manner, but for a reader, this was just the right amount of push and pull that added to the story.

The Burnout had everything that I have come to expect from a book by Sophie Kinsella. It was filled with plenty of heart, humor, wonderful characters, and a dash of romance. This was another enjoyable read from one of my favorite authors.

*4.5 Stars