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No one can accuse Gregory of spilling the beans quickly in Revelator. Right from the first chapter, I knew there was more here than meets the eye, but I could not have predicted that!

I ended up going with the Audible and, personally, I think that it was the best option. Reagan Boggs’ performance was perfect in the role of Stella. She had the accent down perfectly, she made me feel like I was listening to someone born and raised in the backwoods of Tennessee back in the 1930s. This paired with the atmosphere in Gregory’s writing really set the scene.

Just reading the synopsis, you know that this story is going to go off the rails (in a good way): prices will be paid, and scars will be reopened. Revelator does not disappoint. The story is told from Stella’s point of view, and she has a ton of secrets – be patient they will all come out. I think that going with the one perspective is what really makes this work: Stella tells us what Stella wants us to know when we deserve to know it. This kept the mystery building as the shocks got bigger and bigger.

I’ve had some Daryl Gregory books recommended to me a few times and now I know why.

*5 Stars


By Daryl Gregory

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