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My Top Books of 2020!

Well, 2020 is coming to an end…it has been a remarkable year.  Tough year of reading for myself. Even with my Audibles on my daily commute, my reading is down.  I found the distractions to be numerous, I’ve watched more press conferences in the past ten months than I have in my entire life prior to the pandemic. This is time that I should have been reading. When I was reading, I was looking for the books that would take me away, not just distract me from the world around us.  It was a difficult task. My favorites this year, like always, are books that I read (or listened to) this year, not necessarily released this year. These are the ones that were complete escapes from reality. Here’s to a 2021 that will be filled with far less distractions and a lot more books that take me away.

*These books are not in order of preference.