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The Last One 

By Will Dean

This one has a fantastic synopsis, enough to get my attention but giving absolutely nothing away. 

Imagine it, you woke up on day one of your transatlantic cruise and no one is on board. While having the ship to myself is an appealing idea: a quiet day lounging by the pool, tables available at the breakfast buffet, no one yelling back and forth, thinking that everyone on board cares about their bunion (I really don’t). But wait a minute, who is going to make my breakfast burrito, I don’t know how to prepare that crème brûlée on the supper menu, and who is going to mix my drinks? There would definitely be some drawbacks to being the only soul on a cruise ship.

Will Dean did a lot of things right with The Last One. Short chapters kept the story sailing swiftly. The what-the-hell-is-going-on factor is amazing! This is a story that is easy to just keep on reading, and that is something any reader wants from a story.

But there are a lot of things that I think Will Dean just got wrong. This is fiction, the reader needs to suspend belief from time to time, but Dean pushed this way to far. There were so many things I just could not buy into, suspending belief and eliminating logic and nature are two different things. And then there is Caz. Caz...Caz…Caz…What the hell? Don’t get me wrong, I liked Caz, she has had some tough times. I wanted Caz to succeed, but help yourself out Caz, would you?!

And then there is the ending. It has all of the trademarks of a cheesy ‘80s horror flick. It was too much that went too far.

The Last One comes from a great idea, there is some good fiction to be found in here. It is bound to find some readers who enjoy the voyage, but I’ll not be booking my ticket for the return.

*3 Stars