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​There is something special about David Moody’s Autumn series. It is not so much a series as it is a world, one that he has revealed to his readers for two decades. I always relish the opportunities to return to this world.

Let me set the stage for you: 99% of the world’s population drops dead all at once. Why? Who knows? Does it really matter? Over the next few days, the dead rise and slowly begin to hunt down the 1% that survived. I know this sounds a lot like your typical dime-a-dozen zombie apocalypse. Well, you’ll be wrong…these aren’t your Romero-style zombies, Moody avoids the term zombie like the plague. The dead aren’t running the survivors down, ripping off their limbs and chowing down on a femur. The unlucky survivors are simply crushed in the revolting mass of the risen.

Moody has a special talent for creating fantastic characters. They are relatable, varied and you can see your friends, coworkers, and yourself amongst them. Autumn: Inferno has a great cast, I cheered some on and cursed some others. Moody made me care about them, one way or another.

Technically, Autumn: Inferno is part of the Autumn series, you could, however, start with Autumn: Dawn. Moody will leave you wanting to go back to where it all began.

*5 Stars

Autumn: Inferno

(The London Trilogy #2)

 By David Moody