My Favorite Books of 2023!

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It’s always fun to look back on my year of reading, however, if I am being completely honest, this year my reading took a bit of a hit. Life was busy, my reading time was limited and, yes, I missed my books. With that being said, I still did get to read a number of entertaining books over the past year. These are the books that stayed on my mind long after reading their final pages, the ones that touched my heart, made me feel a plethora of emotions, made me fall in love, kept me glued to their pages, and took me on an adventure.

So, farewell to 2023! May 2024 bring us all a year filled with some amazing new books!

Happy Reading!

*The list is not in order of preference.

*These were books that I read in 2023, they weren't all published in 2023.