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​There are many authors who can tell a good story, who are creative and can capture my attention.  But then there are those who create worlds that I can disappear into, and for a brief time, I can make this world a part of my life.  This is what Robert McCammon did for me with Swan Song.

I ended up listening to the Audible version of this book.  I always found myself excited to get back into Tom Stechschulte’s narration of this incredible tale.

McCammon was in no rush to complete his story, he took his time, built his characters, developed his world, and left me completely satisfied.  I loved the journey that was Swan Song.

I get the comparisons to The Stand, but I didn’t get the criticism.  There are only so many ways to destroy the world on such an epic level.  I saw similarities to many other post-apocalyptic books.  For me, it isn’t so much about how you end the world, but what you do once you get there.  McCammon created characters that I was invested in and he kept the story moving ahead, without a rush to finish.

In the end, I think Swan Song was a book that I was long overdue to read, and it gave me a taste for more worlds from McCammon.  If only every book could make me feel this way.

*7 Stars

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Swan Song

 By Robert R. McCammon