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Little Darlings
By Melanie Golding

Little Darlings is an eerie, creepy tale.  Inspired by fairy tales and folklore, it preys on the doubts, insecurities, and worries that many new mothers experience.  It certainly grabbed my attention, filled me with all of the apprehension and fear that I would expect and want from a book in this genre.

When Lauren Tranter gives birth to twin boys, she is overwhelmed, unsure of herself, and exhausted.  I felt for her.  Her feelings were normal and completely understandable.  It brought me back to when I gave birth to my own son, and how I felt unprepared, nervous, and scared that I wouldn’t know what I was supposed to do with this ultimate responsibility.  But Lauren’s experience took a different, sinister turn.  When a strange woman shows up in the same maternity ward as Lauren, she fears for the safety of her children.  This strange woman wants to swap her two hideous creatures for Lauren’s twin boys.   Lauren escapes this woman’s threat by locking herself and her babies in the bathroom and calling 999, but with no evidence of the woman having been in the ward, Lauren’s claim is dismissed, after all, she’s just an exhausted new mother, right? 

The story goes back and forth between Lauren’s adjustment to motherhood and Harper, the detective who has taken an interest in Lauren’s attempted abduction call.  Harper isn’t as convinced that it was all a fabricated tale from an overwhelmed mother.  The incident in the maternity ward was only the beginning of Lauren’s fears.

Little Darlings is an intriguing story that made me question what was real and what was just a figment of Lauren’s imagination.  There wasn’t a moment in this novel where I didn’t feel for Lauren’s situation.  She was struggling, trying to do her best, and attempting to protect her children from any potential harm. 

I always enjoy stories that pull their inspiration from fairy tales and folklore.  These familiar tales have been passed down from generation to generation and have survived the test of time.  Let’s be honest, most of these stories aren’t the lovely, whimsical tales that would warm a young one’s heart.  Most of these tales are dark, foreboding, and frightening.  Even the familiar lullaby, “Rock-A-Bye Baby,” doesn’t offer the most soothing and comforting lyrics to lull our children to sleep. 

Little Darlings is an unsettling story that not only left the hair raised on the back of my neck but was also thought-provoking in portraying the plight of a post-partum mother. ​​

*4 Stars


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