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Thriller: An Anthology of

New Mystery Short Stories

Edited By Don Bruns

Imagine, if you will, a collection of stories based on Michael Jackson’s album of the same name. It sounds like a fantastic idea. I was all in, with bells on. As a child of the '80s I could sing along with most of these songs.

There are times when ideas and execution just don’t mix all that well. Don Bruns was able to bring in some big names in thriller fiction, but I found the collection to be lacking. There was nothing about this collection to really make me want to continue; the collection lacked a continuity, the only thing holding it together were the story names. It could have been better if one story led to another, I know that this would have been more work for the authors, but the quality would have been better. None of the stories were memorable, they lacked the little something special that can make a short story great.

Despite the large catalogues for the authors involved with this anthology, I have never read a single one before, and this anthology did not give me the desire to add any of them to my TBR. I’m sure that someone will enjoy this collection, I really wanted to enjoy it, but it just wasn’t for me.

*2 Stars