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Sometimes a book just doesn’t hit you the right way. The premise looks good, the synopsis pulls you in, but you just don’t connect with the meat and potatoes of the story. The Cabin on Souder Hill was that book for me.

There was nothing technically wrong with the book, the story was well thought out and developed, the characters were diverse and intriguing; but something was missing. I never left Souder Hill looking forward to getting back to Souder Hill.

There are certainly many distractions going on in the real world right now, but I want my fiction books to take me away from the real world; the stories should be the distraction not the real world. At a certain point the author has to write a story that overpowers the real world and makes me want to get away, to look forward to the story; the story needs to captivate me more than the crap that is going on in the world. This is where Lonnie Busch failed.

There is that old expression, you only have one chance to make a first impression and, unfortunately, The Cabin on Souder Hill did not impress.


*3 Stars

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The Cabin on Souder Hill

By Lonnie Busch