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Heart Bones 
 By Colleen Hoover

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Heart Bones is full of heart: heartache, heartbreak, and plenty of moments that made my heart beat faster.  With intriguing characters that I connected to immediately and a unique storyline that kept me invested throughout, this is exactly the kind of story that I’ve come to expect from Colleen Hoover.

Beyah Grim, an interesting name and an even more interesting character.  She’s lived a tough life, but she’s strong, resilient, and self reliant.  She’s had to be in order to survive.  But even the strongest people need a shoulder to lean on every now and then.  I felt for her.  I wanted her to feel safe, secure, happy, and loved.  When tragedy strikes and Beyah is forced to go and stay with the father that she hardly knows, she’s lonely, living in a new state, meeting new people, and biding her time until she gets to leave and move on with her life.

Right from the first moment that Beyah met Samson, he piqued her curiosity.  Samson is an enigma.  He’s a man of few words, but as we all know, still waters run deep.  Despite the fact that neither of them wants to have a relationship, they can’t deny that they share a connection, an intense bond that pulls them toward one another. But how close can you grow to someone if they keep secrets.  Beyah wasn’t the only one who wanted to know what Samson was hiding.  I was right there with her trying to figure it all out for myself.

I loved the characters in this novel (minus a couple that I’m sure I wasn’t supposed to love).  I believed in them.  I wanted the best for them.  What makes Hoover’s books feel so complete and well-rounded is that she creates wonderful characters with real feelings that are relatable.  From her main characters to her secondary characters, they are all written with care, emotion, and so much heart.

I don’t want to risk giving too much of the story away, but you can be assured that in that unique CoHo style, she provides a story and relationship that tugs at your heartstrings, complete with a twist that you won’t be expecting.  It’s always her originality that strikes me the most whenever I read one of her books and it always keeps me coming back for more.

*4.5 Stars