​As soon as I read the synopsis for Old Boys, I put it on my to-be-read list. This had all of the makings of the fun read that I was in the mood for.

My grandfather was a drummer, so I have a bit of a soft spot for them. Oh, he certainly wasn’t famous like Red Fairweather, but he was a character who enjoyed the spotlight, too.

As a child of the ‘80s, I enjoyed my share of rock ‘n’ roll with its big hair, tight pants, and eyeliner galore. Could I picture Red Fairweather, the aging rock drummer? Absolutely! Now, as a child of the ‘80s, could I feel for Will Fairweather, with the aches and pains? Again, absolutely! I was more than ready to see what their father-son relationship was going to look like thirty years after their last get-together.

I felt for Will. After experiencing a great loss in his life, his own mortality became an increasing worry for him. For Will, every ache, pain, or bit of indigestion could result in his demise. He was filled with anxiety, grief, and wasn’t living his life to the fullest anymore. When Will’s wife suggested a separation, he was lost. He didn’t want to live without his wife or his beloved dog. When his estranged father gets in touch and suggests that he come and live with him for a while, well, he didn’t really have another decent option.

Living in a mansion with an aging rock drummer with more money than sense seems like it could be a good time, but for Will, being reacquainted with his absentee father held a lot of hurt, and understandably so. For the reader of this story, though, it was a really good time! Red Fairweather tried his best to get his son to loosen up, live it up, and let go of his worries. Red still lived like he was in his twenties or thirties, complete with tight leather pants and a devil-may-care attitude. Will and Red were like night and day, but this only made their interactions more golden.

Old Boys had plenty of humor, hijinks, rock ‘n’ roll, and heart. This was a feel-good novel that made me want to dig out my boom box and old cassettes and just rock out.

*4 Stars


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Old Boys
By Nick Spalding