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The Only Good Indians

By Stephen Graham Jones

Stories are written in a time and place, they have meaning for the author when they are written; sometimes they can take on a different meaning for the reader depending on the time when they are read, things can change between the writing and the reading.

Primarily, The Only Good Indians comes across as a story of vengeance or karma. Our past actions catching up with us. Jones has plunged into the lives of four men tied together by a past, an act that broke with traditions and values haunts them. No matter their choices or how far they broke apart, this one event held them together forever.

Jones told this story from multiple perspectives; he provides his audience with a three-hundred-and-sixty-degree view of the events and consequences. He creates a connection and sympathy for all of the characters. This is horror where everyone is a monster and a victim.

Reading The Only Good Indians during the current political crisis, Jones’ story brought on even more meaning and emotions. We are focused on the mistreatment of a particular marginalized group within our society, and this problem must be solved! But while we are correcting one injustice there is another one that is just as bad. Jones highlighted the struggles, biases and hurdles facing the Native American cultures. Even the name of the story is a biased unfinished phrase. The four men who face a horror of their past highlights the struggles that many face in their present. I can’t help but think that Jones was going there too.

The Only Good Indians was a subtle, yet bloody horror story that pushes its audience to not only think, but to act. The real horror surrounds us every day.

*4.5 Stars