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Darling Rose Gold

By Stephanie Wrobel

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Some books are adventure stories, more about the “what” than the “who.” I love immersing myself in the adventure, the action and all that goes along with that; but there is something special about stories that revolve solely around the interaction of characters. It takes a talented author who can keep their audience captivated without distracting them with all of the action. Stephanie Wrobel did exactly that!

Darling Rose Gold  is all about that famous mother-daughter relationship, upped to the nth degree. We all know that the father-son relationship has its own kind of friction (just ask Oedipus and his father, Laius, about it). It is all about power and independence. About preparing your son to take on the world and the son thinking he knows all and is invincible. But the mother-daughter relationship is a bit more subdued, there is almost a passive-aggressiveness about it. Rose Gold and Patty highlight just how wrong that relationship can go and the lengths that the two will go to win. Any relationship is about winning, right?

Wrobel could not have created a more dysfunctional relationship. I could not pull myself away from the train wreck that was Rose Gold and Patty. She kept the story moving along nicely, I was absorbed into Rose Gold’s life. That poor girl never had a chance. But it begs the question: Did they all get what they deserve?

Darling Rose Gold  was a fantastic start for Wrobel, and I eagerly await what will come from her next.

*5 Stars