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The Silent Treatment
By Abbie Greaves

My interest was piqued from the moment that I read the synopsis for The Silent Treatment.  As a reader who is drawn to stories about married couples, I was instantly intrigued by a novel about a couple who hadn’t spoken in six months.  Six months!  I needed to know what had happened in their lives to stop their communication.

I wasn’t really sure what I was expecting to get with this story.  My mind was working out the possible scenarios faster than I could read the chapters.  I was immediately pulled into Maggie and Frank’s life together.  The author wrote their story in such a heartfelt manner that I felt as though I knew them.  It was a personal, intimate story that often made me feel like an interloper in their most private and special moments.  I was able to visualize every single scene as if it were playing out right in front of me.  I was also able to feel the emotions as if I were living through it myself.  Greaves’ talent with the written word is evident throughout the pages of this book.

There’s not much that I can say about the actual story without the fear of giving too much away.  As I mentioned, I was trying to figure out all of the possible reasons why a couple who had lived happily together for most of their forty years would just stop speaking.  I wasn’t expecting the story to go in the direction that it did, but with that being said, it not only touched me deeply, but I haven’t been able to stop thinking about Maggie and Frank.  There was so much emotion, so much love, a great deal of heartbreak and yet, I still felt a ray of hope from this story.

The Silent Treatment is a wonderful debut novel that is sure to be imprinted in my memory for some time to come.

*4.5 Stars