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Cemetery Road

By Greg Iles

​​I love committing myself to big books.  I crave spending hours with interesting, well-developed characters.  I appreciate an author like Greg Iles, who has the patience and makes the time to create the stories that will occupy a portion of my life.

I’ve heard it said many times that an author should write what they know; Greg Iles is a southern boy, and he sets his stories, like Cemetery Road, in small-town Mississippi.  I loved the closeness and smallness of Bienville, Mississippi.  For all of its “southern-ness,” a person like myself, born and raised in the Northeast, was able to recognize the small-town politics and how everyone knew everyone else’s secrets.  I think that when an author is so comfortable with their setting, it allows the reader to find their own familiar parts, thus allowing them to find a home in the story.  Well, that’s how I felt anyway.

There were times while listening to Cemetery Road that I was a little bit annoyed or put off.  At times I felt like the story was a product placement for The Ford Motor Company.  But like all relationships, it’s never perfect all of the time.  The story was exciting, interesting, and I always wanted to get back into it.

Cemetery Road is a commitment – six hundred and eight pages in the hardcover, or twenty-four hours in the Audible (which is what I did).  Greg Iles kept my attention throughout with the twists, turns, and sometimes convoluted scenarios.  I often thought that the characters’ lives seemed too intertwined, but then I remembered my own small town.  Keep it real!

*4.5 Stars