The Brink
By Jamie Fewery

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Give me a book about married couples and I am all in. The Brink made me feel as though I were peeking through the window of the couple’s house, witnessing all of the ups and downs, the happiness, and pitfalls, and how they attempted to mend a broken relationship.

I read Our Life in a Day by this author a few years ago, so I already knew that he had a knack for writing about the messier side of relationships. He gives an honest, real portrayal of marriage in all of its loving glory as well as all of its uglier parts. Everyone knows that being in a relationship isn’t always roses and sunshine, and that’s what I appreciated about The Brink.

Dan and Anya Moorcroft have decided to end their marriage. It wasn’t an easy decision, and it wasn’t without several attempts to fix their issues. I enjoyed how Fewery wrote their story. After deciding to go to couples’ mediation to try to work out the details in a more amicable and communicative fashion, they revisited several pivotal times in their relationship from when they began dating, their engagement, careers, family life, and the obstacles that they faced along the way.

I felt as though I got to know Dan and Anya. Did they each make mistakes in their relationship? Yes. Were they likeable? I did like them. Did I like all of their choices? Of course not. Was I on Team Dan or Team Anya? I honestly didn’t pick a side. As I previously mentioned, I wasn’t looking for perfection, I was looking for a book about a married couple dealing with trying times. It was never going to be about perfection. It was about being real.

The Brink kept me wanting to read on, to discover more about Dan and Anya’s life together, and to see if they were going to be better off living apart or if they would find the desire to try again. I enjoyed their journey and sifting through their love story. I will be looking forward to reading more books by Jamie Fewery in the future.

*4 Stars



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