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Fairy Tale

By Stephen King

There are many authors out there from whom I am awaiting a new full-length novel (I’m talking to you, Joe), they are busy with this project, that show, or perhaps they are just waiting for the inspiration to strike them (I wish I could smack the book out of George). But Stephen King has consistently put out full-length books in recent years. It kind of makes these others look a little, dare I say, unprofessional.

Fairy Tale is a really good-sized book; I opted for the Audible, and at 24 hours it is a commitment (the hard cover apparently clocks in at some six hundred pages). What I really appreciate about a book this size is the patience. What’s the rush? We’re here for a good time. I love it when an author takes the time to build the cast, they are no longer characters in a story I’m reading – they become friends I am going on an adventure with. And Fairy Tale is an incredible adventure!

King also takes his time building the story, developing the plot, and creating a complete world. I could picture all the people and places on Charlie’s adventure.

Certain stories go on too long, they get bogged down with details, and as a reader you get to the point where it is time to wind that thing up and move on.  Fairy Tale is not that story; it is the type of story that could have gone on much longer. Just like Radar, I could follow Charlie down that well again, and again, and again. Stephen King has created a world that I do not want to leave behind.

*7 Stars