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In a Holidaze
By Christina Lauren

This book was like a big hug.  I think if there was ever a year that we could all use some cheer, holiday cheer or otherwise, it is this one, and Christina Lauren delivered it.  In a Holidaze was filled with heart, charm, humor, lovable characters, and plenty of holiday warmth and shenanigans.

Mae’s life wasn’t what she had envisioned for herself, she was in a rut.  The one bright thing in her life was her yearly trip to a cabin in Utah to spend Christmas with her family, friends, and her long-time crush.  This weeklong trip was always spent with traditions, games, food, and loved ones.  When she found out that the cabin was going to be sold and that it would most likely be their last Christmas in the beloved cabin, it was just one more disappointment that she had to face in her life.  On the drive back to the airport at the end of their holiday she asked the universe what would make her happy.  So, what would make Mae happy?  The universe was going to make her figure that out for herself by making her go back and relive the holidays over and over again.

While Mae tries to figure out why she keeps getting sent back in time, the readers get a holiday story that is so charming, fun, and romantic, complete with a bit of angst to get the blood pumping and your heart beating quicker.

The characters were so likable, so real.  I am now a firm believer that everyone should have a Benny in their life.  He was a real treat, and for a secondary character, he was truly second to none.  I was invested in Mae’s story.  I wanted her to find her happiness, and if it meant returning back in time to redo the holidays all over again, I was more than happy to go right along with her for the ride

In a Holidaze was a delightful read.  It’s a story about taking chances, deciding your own fate, and going after what you want in life.  It was filled with all of the goodness that I have come to expect from a novel from this duo.  Bring on the holiday season!

*4 Stars