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Life's Too Short

By Abby Jimenez

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Reading a book by Abby Jimenez always brings a smile to my face.  I wasn’t very far into this novel before I was laughing out loud and sharing passages with my husband.  I also wasn’t very many pages along before I knew that this book was going to be a winner, although I never had any doubts.  Having read her previous books, I knew that I was in for a witty, romantic romp that would entertain me from start to finish, but in all honesty, I think that this book is my favorite of hers.

This is the ultimate friends-to-lovers romance.  From their first introduction, this couple was pure gold.  Adrian is a successful lawyer who keeps his life in proper order and in control.  Vanessa is a travel vlogger who enjoys adventures and living life to the fullest.  With her family’s medical history, life’s too short has become her mantra.  These two are an opposites-attract dream come true.

There was no rushing their relationship.  Jimenez created the ideal slow-burning romance between Adrian and Vanessa.  I didn’t need for anything to move any faster than it did.  I enjoyed simply being in their midst and reveling in their interactions.  They were neighbors who turned into friends who turned into so much more.  The novel progressed perfectly.  Their relationship wasn’t forced, it happened slowly, building my anticipation, and making me fall in love with them.

The banter, the back and forth, the chemistry, and the general care and affection between the characters was a beautiful thing.  Adrian was the full package (yes, indeed).  He wasn’t without a few flaws and his own personal struggles, but holy Hades, the man was on a whole other playing field.  He was a man with a softer side.  A man who cares for and loves a baby as if it were his own?  Yeah, that’s something special to behold.  And a man who gives an elderly Chihuahua a home?  Sigh.

Jimenez has written a story that is filled with light-hearted moments and plenty of laughter, however, she also always gives her readers a deeper, heartfelt story, too. 

Life’s Too Short stole my heart, ran away with it, and I don’t care if I ever get it back!

*5 Stars