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The Book of Accidents

By Chuck Wendig

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​I love an author who takes his time, slowly building the story, filling in all of the details.  I’ve given you my attention; now do something with it!

For logistical reasons I went with the Audible version for The Book of Accidents. The two narrators: Sands and Newbern played perfectly off of one another. Once I heard Sands, I knew that I had heard that voice before. She has a unique voice, one heavily influenced by a sailor. She cusses like a rock star and is a perfect fit for Maddie.

There were so many times that Wendig could have wrapped up The Book of Accidents with a tidy little bow, but the story wasn’t ready, it needed more, and Wendig was up for the challenge of teasing more out of this story.

The Book of Accidents is the sort of story that you need to come into with an open mind. It goes in so many directions, it’s a difficult book to put in a particular genre; this story has some horror, a little bit of science fiction, a hint of a mystery and like all good stories, a touch of love. I guess you could say that an author with Chuck Wendig’s skill set, well…no one puts Wendig in a corner.

*5 Stars