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Survive the Night

By Riley Sager

​There is this movie, don’t ask me the name or who was in it, but I was captivated by it. It took place in a car, during a long drive. I remember the feeling of awe at the acting, all of the tension was built up slowly through the dialogue – Survive the Night was this type of story.

Sager had a really good premise in Survive the Night, one that made me think this could be fun. Set in the 1990s, it is a time and place that I still remember. A time before: cell phones, checking out someone’s on-line profile; a time when we took things more at face value than we should have.

Early on I had a feeling as though I was being led down the garden path. The story flowed too easily in a particular direction – Oh, no you don’t, Riley Sager! I saw The Sixth Sense, you’re not pulling the wool over my eyes that easily!  I just didn’t know which direction it was going to take. Sager would lead me down one path, then up another. I can honestly say that at one point or another I had everyone pegged for the who in this who-done-it. But there were still a couple of surprises along the way.

Survive the Night is filled with a whole bunch of shout-outs to movies that are sure to build a nostalgia factor for any movie fan, but these are only in passing.

This was a fun story to kill some time on my daily commutes; it was a good time with some fun characters and a couple of foreseeable as well as unforeseeable twists along the way.

*4 Stars