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This book is just another example of why I love to read. I always enjoy finding new-to-me authors, and after reading Marlowe Banks, Redesigned, Jacqueline Firkins is an author whose books will definitely be on my to-be-read list.

It had been a while since I had indulged in a novel set in the world of celebrity, and this one was certainly worth the wait.

This was Marlowe’s story, her journey of learning how to shake off the things and people who bring her down, of living her life her way, chasing after what she wants, and learning to love herself. I loved Marlowe. She wasn’t a perfect character. She had flaws, insecurities, struggles. I don’t want to read about perfect characters. I want the characters in the novels I choose to read to be relatable, realistic, and have some tarnished edges. Marlowe had some personal issues to overcome, and I was more than happy to accompany her on this journey.

While this was essentially Marlowe’s story, the romance that developed between her and Angus Gordon was equally as intriguing. Yes, Angus was a mighty good character.

As a big fan of slow-burning romances, this one did everything just right. Firkins took her time developing the story and her characters. She made me invested in them, she made me care. Throw in a Hollywood romance with all the push and pull, great banter, and slow simmering chemistry between the characters and it was a perfect blend.

Marlowe Banks, Redesigned just hit the mark for me. It was sincere, humorous, it not only made my heart ache, but it also warmed it. It had me rooting for Marlowe from the first moment we were introduced. Whenever I find myself looking forward to any spare moment to read a chapter or two, I know that I have found a winner. This book may very well find its way onto my list of favorite books of 2022!


*5 Stars


Marlowe Banks, Redesigned

By Jacqueline Firkins

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