The Lost Spear

By N.J. Croft

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​I love a good archaeological adventure; they always bring me back to my dreams of being Indiana Jones: pursued through the jungle while recovering a long-lost talisman from the past. These stories allow for all of the convenience and setting of a modern story with a connection to our past. The Lost Spear brings us back to the world of Genghis Khan.

Unfortunately, The Lost Spear just did not work for me. I found it lacking. Lacking in content, lacking in character, lacking in substance. The best part was that at 121 pages, it was not lacking in brevity.

I hate to be so cruel, but Croft failed to create characters that I cared about. I found myself reading the pages, waiting for one of these people to create a connection: they did not. I want my protagonists to have some depth, a flaw that holds them back, something that sets them apart from the rest of the cast. Our two protagonists, Dr. Eve Blakeley and Zachary Martin, lacked any sense of depth of character; I might even say that the two were almost carbon copies of one another when it came to how they acted.

There is nothing worse than finding yourself in the middle of a book when you just don’t care; this is where The Lost Spear lost me.

*2.5 Stars