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Till There Was You

By Lindsay Hameroff

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A novel about a culinary student and a musician has two of my favorite things: food and music.

Lexi wasn’t looking for love, she was only interested in staying on track and finishing culinary school with the dreams of becoming a chef. Well, when you’re not looking for something (or someone), that is when you are going to find it (them). Admittedly, Jake Taylor would have been pretty difficult to resist, so you can’t fault a girl for that.

An intimate weekend between Lexi and Jake was all that it was ever going to be, but they had a spark, a connection, they just seemed to fit together. Life and their ambitions had other ideas for them, and they were each on their own roads to success. It was never going to work out between an aspiring chef and a rock star, right? Well, that’s where it gets interesting.

Till There Was You was a good debut romance novel with characters that you couldn’t help but like. In fact, dare I say that Jake Taylor may have been one of the sweetest musician leads ever. With that being said, I like my love stories to have a bit more angst. Yes, of course their romance wasn’t easy or smooth, but I never really felt like their road was too rocky to overcome all of the obstacles. That may just be a me thing, though. I tend to gravitate to the stories that may or may not always work out. I want to feel the emotion in the pit of my stomach, feel the nervous tension.

All in all, Till There Was You was an entertaining novel. I did enjoy my time with the characters and their story. I appreciated that there was more to their story than their obvious attraction and romance, each of the main characters had their own issues that they had to deal with. It was a romance story that had layers. I would definitely read another book by Lindsay Hameroff in the future.

*4 Stars