Perhaps I’ve lived under a rock my entire life, but I have never, ever seen The Perks of Being a Wallflower; the name Stephen Chbosky meant nothing to me.  We all have our things.

I went with the Audible of Imaginary Friend based on solely on the spectacular synopsis.

Imaginary Friend at its core is a coming of age story, but it’s a coming of age story with some marvelous twists and filled with incredibly fascinating characters.

Chbosky is a master of detail. I love a patient author who is fearless in their development of story and characters. My time spent in the world of his Imaginary Friend was some of the best time I’ve spent with a book this year. Christine Lakin’s tone and pace completely pulled me into the story.

Horror stories are always a fantastic accompaniment for the coming of age story, and Chbosky fused the two together expertly.  I was right there with Christopher as he grew and changed; my fear was palpable through the chase and the reveal of the evil alive in this small town.

Chbosky’s imagination knew no bounds in the creation of Imaginary Friend.

This book takes patience but is well worth it!


*5 Stars

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Imaginary Friend 

By Stephen Chbosky