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Of Blood and Bone

(Chronicles of The One, Book 2)

By Nora Roberts

​After completing Year One, Nora Roberts had me primed for book two, Of Blood and Bone, in her Chronicles of The One series.  Needless to say, I was not disappointed.

I’ll do my best to write this review, but this is not the type of series where you could jump in anywhere along the way.  Roberts is building off of the world she masterfully created in Year One.  At the same time, she leaves the necessary, gentle reminders of what happened in the first book, there is a full year between the release dates, and I cannot be expected to remember every detail.

Of Blood and Bone jumps a few years into the future since the events of Year One.  The story is more about the children, while the adults are still present and active.  I connected easily to the new characters and invested myself in their lives.  This is a story where the good guys are very, very good and the bad guys are very, very bad, and sometimes well camouflaged.

I decided to use my monthly Audible credit for this book.  When I wasn’t listening to Julia Whelan’s narration, I was thinking about the story and this post-apocalyptic world that Roberts created.  When I was listening to it, I wanted the story to go on and on.  I came to appreciate Whelan’s skill as a narrator, each character had a unique tone to their voice that she maintained consistent throughout.

The best part of finding a series that you love as a reader is that you have more to look forward to.  The best part of the series being a trilogy is the tension that you feel waiting for the third book.  The end is in sight, but you have to wait for it; November 26th and The Rise of Magicks is circled on my calendar.

*5 Stars

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