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99 Percent Mine

By Sally Thorne

This book was a real treat!  I always try to read according to my mood, and after reading a few darker, heavier books, I was craving a book that would make me smile.  Mission accomplished.  This book satisfied my craving, and then had me craving candy and copious amounts of sugar (read the book and you’ll see why).  I wasn’t very far into 99 Percent Mine before I was laughing and interrupting my husband’s reading to read him passages that I just had to share.

I loved the characters right from the get-go.  Every character added a little something extra to make this story special.  Darcy was a spirited, fiery young woman with a penchant for travel and a keen eye for alpha males.  She gave off a tough vibe, but trust me, her cracked heart was overflowing with love for those who were near and dear to her, and one of those people just happened to be Tom Valeska, her and her twin brother’s childhood friend.

Tom Valeska was Darcy’s definition of the “ideal man.”  She didn’t get involved in serious relationships with men, how could she when she was always comparing everyone to Tom.  She knew that she would never have a chance with someone as golden as him, but that didn’t stop her from wanting him just the same. 

Crushes aside, Tom really was a sweetheart who seemed to have everyone’s best interest in mind.  He was a good, caring, protective friend who would do anything for his friends and family, and the Barretts were family to Tom.  But feeling the pressure to always do the right thing and be perfect can weigh heavily on someone, even someone as strong and capable as Tom.

I was all in, completely invested in Darcy and Tom’s burgeoning romantic relationship.  The push and pull and the chemistry between them was exactly what I want when I’m reading a romance.  The author took her time, letting everything simmer, making her readers wait with anticipation to see what was going to become of this couple.  Trust me, it was worth the wait.

99 Percent Mine was a slow burning romance that had just the right amount of humor and heart.  Sally Thorne’s wit and creativity shone within the pages of this book.  I’m convinced that she could write just about anything and make it fun-filled and entertaining.

*4.5 Stars


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