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An Unthinkable Thing was a book that made me think (not that I wasn’t already thinking); it is a book that made me feel (not that I wasn’t already feeling); but more than anything else, An Unthinkable Thing was a book that made me mad, or should I say madder!

For me this book was about wealth, power, and privilege. I’ve never really been a defund the police or eat the rich kind of person, but by the end of this story the Gladstone/Henneberry family looked pretty fucking tasty.

Lundrigan wrote a story in the not so recent past that felt very timely and current. The wealth gap and the privilege that has bought and continues to buy is as relevant as it has always been. Thomas Ware was the perfect vehicle to illustrate that gaping void between the haves and the have nots and the entitlement that they enjoy at our expense and through our hard labor.

If it feels like I’m going a bit off course here and I’m taking things at bit too personally…well, isn’t that what a good book is supposed to do? Make you feel, be personally involved: love, hate, sympathize, and angry. Nicole Lundrigan wrote a good book that made me feel all of these emotions.

As the story revealed the utter contempt that the Gladstone/Henneberry clan felt for all of those beneath them, I couldn’t help but extrapolate that into my own life. I was appalled at their depravity, the entitlement they felt, the way the system protected the rich “donners” who were such “good people,” but I wasn’t surprised, we see it all around us every day.

Well, enough of my political commentary.

An Unthinkable Thing finished off with an ending I didn’t expect, but one that made it even better.

*4.5 Stars

An Unthinkable Thing

By Nicole Lundrigan