Box of Bones

By Jeremy Bates

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This seems to be Jeremy Bates’ forte, the short story that quickly pulls his readers in and hits them over the head with an unanticipated ending.  In that sense, Box of Bones does not disappoint.

Jim’s story is an interesting one, and one that is not completely absurd.  He gets himself in over his head in a foreign country to find himself trapped in a coffin.  Is there any good way for this to end?

Bates takes us through Jim’s thoughts, actions and conclusions as we wait for Jim’s time to run out.  This immersion into Jim’s mind was flawless; I felt like I was trapped with Jim.  Try this!  Calm down!  Don’t do that!  My fate was Jim’s fate.

If you’re looking for a quick, fun read to keep you from exploring overseas, Box of Bones is just the thing.

*4.5 Stars