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​​Once or twice a year I find myself reading a book by this Stephen King fellow.  I’m starting to think that this guy might be able to quit his day job and make a go of it as a full-time author.

Some people just won’t have the patience for a book like this, I love the involved, detailed world building that King embellishes his stories with. I want to take my time and embed myself within his stories. With The Institute, King introduces us to an intriguing character, Tim Jamieson, I enjoyed the time that I had to get to know Tim. Then, suddenly, King took him away from me and introduced a whole new cast of characters. The story of Luke Ellis and his friends at The Institute is a terrifying one. The entire time I was with Luke, I was thinking about Tim.  This is the magic of King, he somehow manages to keep me deeply involved in the story but still thinking about a character long left behind.

My mind was filled with many thoughts while listening to The Institute, yes, I went with the Audible version. One thing I really questioned is, “Is this horror?” or is it in the horror section because Stephen King wrote it. Without a monster or supernatural evil, I think that it is a legitimate question. In the end I would consider The Institute to be truly horrific in that the evil is all too human and despite the, “how could this happen?” aspect. This scenario could really go down. 

If you are a fan of King’s detailed world building, you need to experience The Institute!

*5 Stars

The Institute

By Stephen King