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Red Rising

By Pierce Brown

It has been a long time since I had this much fun with a book. Pierce Brown has created a colorful new world where your skin color dictates your place in society, not so novel an idea, but Brown takes it to another level.

The key to any great tale is the characters, most importantly the protagonist. Darrow carries this story like a champ. He is heroic, yet he suffers; he is strong, but so very weak; he is flawed and compelling. Brown has made Darrow the center of Red Rising and Darrow is up for the challenge.  I could not get enough of Darrow’s story.

For the first book in a series Brown has done something very important: he has made me want, no, need, I need more of this story. Yet at the same time Red Rising is complete, this story can stand on its own two feet. I hate it when an author leaves it off with some cheap cliff-hanger where you have to read the next book to find out what happens. Like Darrow, Brown is confident enough in his own talent that he knows the reader will move on to the next book; not because they didn’t get resolution but because they are invested in the story.

I went with the Audible version of Red Rising and I have to say that Tim Reynolds’ narration was a perfect fit. He kept me involved, whenever I hopped in the car, even for a five-minute drive to the grocery store, I found myself needing to know what happed next and listening to Reynolds leading me through Darrow’s adventure.

Red Rising did one important thing for me, it opened up a whole new series to read and listen to.

*5 Stars