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Well Met
By Jen DeLuca

I adored every minute that I spent reading this novel.  With a wonderful cast of characters, a close-knit community setting, a whimsical Renaissance Faire, and the chemistry between the two main characters, this book had everything that I was looking for.

I’m a big fan of gruff fictional characters, and Simon falls into this category perfectly.  He’s all buttoned-up, down to business, and aloof by nature, and he is definitely not about to change anything about the beloved Renaissance Faire in Willow Creek.

Emily is in Willow Creek for a few months to help her sister recover from an accident.  Since Emily’s life took a bit of a turn, she quickly enlisted herself to care for her sister and niece.  What she didn’t expect was to be coerced into volunteering for the town’s annual Renaissance Faire, under the management and control of Simon, who didn’t seem to like her or her attitude very much.

If it were real life, I would shrug him off quickly, but in fiction, I love the adversarial relationship between main characters.  There’s just something about the sparks between two people who seem to be at odds with each other.  You know that underneath all of the animosity and feistiness is a simmering passion that is waiting to be unleashed.

In my opinion, there is nothing better than a slow-burn romance, and Jen DeLuca perfected it.  She took her time to develop the characters and their story.  She never rushed anything along, thus allowing her readers the time to get to know them.  She made me wait, filled me with anticipation and all of the butterflies that go along with it.  I wasn’t in a hurry for the romance to happen.  I was more than content to simply luxuriate in the slow dance that was taking place between Emily and Simon, and happily waiting for them to finally succumb to what was building.  And let me just say that it was so worth the wait.

Well Met was written solely from Emily’s perspective.  While I read and enjoy many novels with dual perspectives, I must admit that I often prefer it to be only from the female’s point of view.  I like only knowing the one side, being at one with the main character, sharing her worries, her hopes, and falling in love right alongside her.  It adds to the angst and anticipation, and I am all about the angst and anticipation.

Even with my beloved slow-burn romances, there are times when I will skim over the steamier scenes, however, there is a scene in this book that is so sensually written that I felt magnetized to it.  It was seriously one of the best, most intense romantic love scenes – EVER!

Well Met had so much going for it.  I enjoyed the witty banter, the chemistry, the camaraderie in the community, and the romance.  I wasn’t ready to leave Willow Creek and the characters that I had grown to care about, but I am certainly looking forward to my next visit.

*5 Stars