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The Sanatorium

By Sarah Pearse

The Sanatorium had all the makings of a great story: an isolated location with a serial killer on the loose, a broken detective trying to put herself back together again, more suspects than you can shake a stick at. Unfortunately, I felt nothing.

The Sanatorium and I had a failure to connect. I didn’t find Elin to be relatable; I couldn’t get on board with her motives or her methods. Certain things she did made complete sense, while other things just seemed to be diametrically opposed to her other actions. Her inconsistent behavior had me questioning more than I bought into.

The story itself was fine, not a whole lot new that you couldn’t find elsewhere; sure, the window dressings were different, but not much else than that. It was kind of a little bit of this and that tossed into a shaker and let’s see what comes out.

As a first go, The Sanatorium was a good freshman effort; unfortunately, with all of the great choices out there, good enough is not enough.

The Sanatorium wasn’t bad. It had some interesting concepts but needed more to create a connection.

*3 Stars