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May 8th, 2018

New Release & Review:

What Should Be Wild
By Julia Fine   

What Should Be Wild  was a captivating read from beginning to end.  As soon as I read the synopsis for this book, my interest was piqued.  If I may be perfectly honest, the stunning cover was what 
first caught my eye.  Gorgeous, and so fitting for this dark tale.

It’s difficult to imagine a life in which you can’t truly experience touch – such a basic human interaction that we crave from the moment we take our first breath.  Maisie Cothay was not your basic, average girl.   Her slightest touch could snuff the life out of a human being or other living thing, but another swipe, poke or brush could also bring it back to life.  

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May 4th, 2018

Release Blitz:
(Trails of Sin #1)
By Pam Godwin


I try to forget her.
It’s impossible.
Growing up together, Conor and I shared all our firsts.
First love, first kiss, first…
Not all our firsts.
We were sixteen the night she was violently assaulted while I helplessly watched.
I’ll never forget the sounds of her suffering.
Or my inconsolable agony when she left Oklahoma.
Years later, she returns to honor our teenage pact.
Except the boy she loved is gone, replaced by a ruthless cattle rancher knotted with secrets.
She doesn’t know my dark cravings or the trails of sin that lead to her.
I don’t deserve her, but one truth remains.
She’s mine.

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Cover Reveal
The Problem with Him
(Opposites Attract #3)
By Rachel Higginson
Releasing on June 26, 2018! 

Available for pre-order.


I’m over men. I’m done with them. 
Or at least the ones that work in my kitchen. Fine, one man in particular. Wyatt Shaw is cocky and condescending and so far out of his element that he doesn’t know which way is up. Or how to run his brand new kitchen all by himself. 
That’s where I come in. Sous chef extraordinaire. Second in command. Bane of his existence. I am the reason Wyatt’s doing so well as the new executive chef of one of our city’s most prestigious restaurants. He has me to thank for his glowing accolades and five-star write-ups. Only if you were to ask him, he’d say I’m his biggest problem. 
Despite his discouragement and bullish behavior, I’ve set two goals for myself. 
The first? I’m going to fight my way to the top of this male-dominated industry and claim my own award-winning kitchen. 
The second? I’m going to do whatever it takes to ignore Wyatt and his rare smiles and the thickening tension that’s started to simmer between us. 
Wyatt Shaw might be Durham’s new shining star. He might be up for a James Beard Award. He might be my new boss and key to my future success, but he’s also in my way. 
So he can keep his smoldering looks and secret kisses. And he can be the one that figures out how to make it through service without getting distracted by me. 
I’m not the problem. The problem is him.

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May 2nd, 2018

Release Blitz:
(Faded Duet #2)
By Julie Johnson


They warned me not to get too close.
Too bad I didn’t listen. 
Enter a star’s orbit, it’ll burn you down to ashes before you know what’s happened. 
And he was the most beautiful star in the night sky. 
Singed beyond repair, I left Los Angeles behind.
Left him behind. 
But I was kidding myself if I thought a few thousand miles of space would erase my memory. 
And I was plain stupid if I thought he’d let me go without a fight. 
They say the brightest stars burn out the fastest…
But the strongest loves don’t ever fade. 

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April 27th, 2018

Book Review:
(The Transcend Duet #2)
By Jewel E. Ann
*Top Recommendation!*

How do I move on from this duet?!  I’m not sure that anything that I say in this review will do this book the justice that it deserves.  I feel as though I need a few days to just bask, reflect, and recover from all of the emotion that this duet evoked.

Upon finishing  Transcend, I jumped right into reading Epoch.  I wasn’t ready to take a break or say goodbye to these characters and their story.  I read Epoch at a bit of a slower pace, not because the story wasn’t as all-consuming and addictive as Transcend (it certainly was), but because I felt as though I needed to take my time and savor every minute that I had left with Swayze, Griffin, and Nate.  I only wish that I could’ve made it last longer.  I kept checking to see how much time I had left in the book and dreading my inevitable approach to those words... The End.    

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April 20th, 2018

Review Tour:
The Real
By Kate Stewart

The Real is a unique, charming, sweet, slow burning romance.  As soon as I began reading this novel I couldn’t help but smile.  The characters were endearing, quirky, and I found myself loving them from the very beginning.  Give me an original love story and I am happy.  From the way that Abbie and Cameron met, the coffeehouse
that they communicated in, and the people that they surrounded themselves with, this story was just brimming with originality.

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April 16th, 2018

Book Review:
(The Transcend Duet #1)
By Jewel E. Ann
*Top Recommendation!*

Oh, my heart.  Let me start off by saying that this book has found a special place on my list of favorite books.  I adored every minute that I spent reading  Transcend.  I wasn’t very far into the book before I
was highlighting like a madwoman and had even cried once.  I call that a definite win! 

I read  Transcend  in less than twenty-four hours.  Once I began reading it, I was all in, completely invested and committed to seeing where this story was going to go.  I didn’t want to put it down, and to be honest, I didn’t put it down very much.  I kept telling myself that I would just read one more chapter…then another.  I may have neglected a few things that I was supposed to do so that I could keep reading.  I may have pushed the clothes down a bit further in the laundry hamper.  I may have ignored the dust bunny that had taken up residency in the corner that, strangely enough, looked an awful lot like a smaller version of my dog.  I needed to keep reading to find out what was going to happen to these characters that I was already so captivated by.  And you know what?  The laundry and dust bunny were still there the next day.  I have no regrets.

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April 13th, 2018

Book Review:
What He Always Knew
(What He Doesn't Know Duet #2)
By Kandi Steiner

With the way that  What He Doesn’t Know  ended, I just had to dive head first into this one.   It’s no secret that I love a good  fictional love triangle.  Pull me in two directions, make my heart race, and keep my anticipation building, please!  Kandi Steiner did all of that.

​I will admit that after reading the first book in this duet, I had one man that I was particularly rooting for to be with Charlie.  What I really enjoyed, though, was that in this book, I was on the fence.  I was flip-flopping throughout the book, not really too convinced of who the best man would be.  To be perfectly honest, there were even a couple of instances where I thought that maybe Charlie would be better off on her own.  I liked how the author made me second guess myself.  With the book being told from all three of the characters’ perspectives, it allowed me to get to know each of them better and see how this difficult situation was affecting each of them.

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April 8th, 2018

New Release  &  Review:
The Dandelion
By Michelle Leighton

My curiosity level was at an all-time high as soon as I read the 
synopsis for  The Dandelion.  I was fully aware that this was 
going to be an emotional read – there was absolutely no way 
around that, but I had to know how Michelle Leighton was going to tell Abi, Sam, and Sara’s story.

Abi just wanted to spend a few quiet months by the lake where her fondest memories took place.  She wanted to find some much needed peace while offering a helping hand in her former community.  Abi never expected her good deeds would go so far as granting a dying woman’s wish to spend time with her husband, love him, and help to raise his adorable daughter.  Would it be so difficult for Abi to love Sam again?

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April 6th, 2018

Blog Tour  &  Review:
The Secret Thief
By Nina Lane

The Secret Thief  is a true gem of a book.  Whenever Nina Lane has a

new book coming out, I am always quick to add it to my reading list, however, once I began reading this book, I knew that I was in for something extra special.

Right from the get-go, I was completely captivated by the story and the characters.  The Secret Thief  is a contemporary romance at its heart, but it was also incredibly enchanting, whimsical, suspenseful, and passionate.  Everything about this story was well-developed.  The author went into great depths with every little detail of this book.  With every turn of the page, I was more and more intrigued, trying to figure out what was going to happen next.​

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