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My Favorite Books of 2018!

Holiday Edition - 2019

My Favorite Books of 2019!

It's the time of year where we reflect on the year that has just gone by, and also get to anticipate the year ahead.  I always enjoy 
reminiscing  about the books that I've read and reviewed over the year, but it's never an easy feat to narrow my list down to just a few of my favorites.  So, how do I choose?  Well, the books on this list are the ones that I couldn't stop thinking about (even after I turned the final page), they made me want to ignore "real" life just to read them, and they touched me in some way, making me extremely happy to be a reader! 

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Book Review:
The Wives
By Tarryn Fisher
Releasing on December 30th!
*Top Recommendation!*

The Wives  is a riveting, propulsive domestic/psychological thriller that hits you right in the gut.  It’s not the type of book that you’re going to be able to pick up and just read a couple of chapters.  This is a book that you are going to want to clear your schedule for, because once you start it, you’re not going to want to put it down.  Trust me.

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Book Review:
Husband Material
By Emily Belden
Releasing on December 30th!

Don’t be fooled by the cute cover, this book packs an emotional punch.  If you’re looking for a few laughs, this is the book for you.  If it’s a deeper, emotional story-line that you crave, look no further.  If you’re in the mood for romance, you’ll find it within the pages of  Husband Material.  There’s nothing that I enjoy more than a well-rounded reading experience that has me feeling a gamut of emotions, and this book certainly provided just that.

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Week of November 18th, 2019

New Release & Review:
Twenty-one Truths About Love
By Matthew Dicks

A book written entirely in lists?  Yes!  As a woman who enjoys making a good list: to-do lists, shopping lists, honey-do lists, and my favorite…to-be-read lists, I was more than a little intrigued to read a fiction novel written in list form. 

While the originality did spark my interest, I will admit that I had a couple of concerns as I began to read this book.  Would this style allow me to get to know the characters?  Would the story flow well?  I am happy to report that the answer to both questions is  yes.  

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Week of November 4th, 2019

Book Review:
Evvie Drake Starts Over
By Linda Holmes
*Top Recommendation!* 

It seems as though I’ve finally hit my reading stride now that 2019 is almost over, but better late than never.  Evvie Drake Starts Over  
had been on my to-be-read list since its release and, while I’m kicking myself for not reading it sooner, I’m just so glad that I finally did.  I was completely charmed by this novel.

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Week of October 28th, 2019

Book Review:
Perfectly Adequate
By Jewel E. Ann
*Top Recommendation!*   

After being in a bit of a reading slump for a few weeks, I was beginning to think that I was losing my reading mojo and might 
need a new hobby.  Oh, the horror!  This book pulled me out of my doldrums and brought me back to my happy place – within the pages of a book that I am completely invested in.  I wasn’t very far into  Perfectly Adequate  when I realized that this book was
just the book that I was looking for.

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Week of October 21st, 2019

New Release  &  Review:
Twice in a Blue Moon
By Christina Lauren

There’s no denying that whenever this writing duo has a new book coming out, it goes to the top of my must-read list.  When I need a book to make me smile, laugh, or just to feel good, their books hit the mark.  When it was mentioned that this book was going to be a bit different from their previous work, my curiosity was piqued.  While they are known for their witty characters and laugh-out-loud banter, I was intrigued to go on a different journey and see a new side to this fab duo.

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Week of October 7th, 2019

New Release & Review:

Seven Letters

By J.P. Monninger

Ireland was already on my bucket list of travel destinations, but after

reading this captivating story, I would love nothing more than to drop my obligations, pack my bags, and hop on a flight.

Seven Letters was truly a lovely story.  J.P. Monninger gave such great detail about Ireland and the Blasket Islands that I felt as though I was right there with Kate, feeling the wind in my face and smelling the salty sea air.

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