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The Suicide King is a thought-provoking, relevant, and deeply affecting reading experience.  While it does have a similar feel to A Christmas Carol and It’s a Wonderful Life, let me begin by saying that it’s not a Christmas novel, and this book isn’t a rosy redemptive tale.  It’s difficult subject matter, but the author stayed true to it.  She handled it with the grace and sensitivity that it deserved, while still delivering a story that will leave many of her readers with a heavy heart.

I’m not the type of reader that needs a happily ever after.  With certain genres, it’s almost expected, and with others, it’s impossible.  I knew from the first moment that I read the synopsis that this was never going to be a feel-good type of book.  I didn’t want it to be.  It was raw, painfully honest, and to be frank, it just hurt.  With that being said, I have a heck of a lot of respect for an author who takes their readers on an uncomfortable journey, whose blunt, realistic prose makes you feel every emotion as if you were living it yourself.  Vanessa Marie’s characters and story painted a truthful portrait of the pain and suffering that suicide causes.  Kudos to the author for keeping it real!

I feel awkward saying that I enjoyed reading this book, however, it did grip me, keep my interest and, despite the subject matter, it left me wanting to know how it would end.  I was invested in these characters.  I wanted to know how Jason’s decision would impact the people in his life.  I wanted him to realize that his life mattered and impacted more people than he could’ve ever imagined.  If only he could’ve realized it sooner.  I certainly appreciated the twist on this story, and the ending was perfectly imperfect!

The Suicide King is an important book that will not soon be forgotten.

*4.5 Stars


The Suicide King
 By Vanessa Marie

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