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It has taken me a few days to try and compile my thoughts into a review that will express exactly how I feel about this book.  To be honest, I’m still not sure that I will be able to do it justice.  The Last Post was on my must-read list the minute that it was announced.  There are certain authors that just seem to have the knack of striking the perfect chord with me, and this author is definitely one of them. 

I always feel strange saying how much I enjoyed a book that deals with heavier, grief-filled topics, but The Last Post was delivered in such a thought-provoking, emotional, real, and satisfying way that I was completely riveted to the pages.  Was it a happy, easy, everything-is-perfect romance?  Absolutely not! With a synopsis like that, how could anyone expect it to be.  This story hit me like a punch to the gut, and I felt every single emotion as it was playing out.  This is the kind of writing that I have come to expect from this author.  She creates compelling characters and storylines that always have a way of making everything feel so personal, as if I’m witnessing it firsthand.

Laya and Micah are both trapped in their own grief and hardships.  Laya lost her husband in a horrible accident and feels as though she is paralyzed by her grief.  Micah is going through an existential crisis and is bored with the direction of his life. As a reader who tries to put herself in the characters’ shoes, my heart broke for them, especially for Laya.  I was completely invested in the characters and their stories.  They weren’t perfect, they struggled, made questionable decisions, they were human.  Their journey not only had me filled with apprehension and heartache but also with an abundance of hope.  I loved that even in the darkest, most painful circumstances, Carlino always managed to let through a sliver of light, courage, healing, and hope for something more. 

There is so much to this story.  There is nothing rushed or forced about it.  Laya and Micah’s story is not instant, it’s unhurried, it takes its time, weaving, growing, and deepening at a realistic pace that I always appreciate.

While there was an overall melancholy feel to this story, there was also enough levity to even everything out.  It was difficult not to smile when Micah’s twin sister was around.  She brought a good dose of humor to the story with her interactions with her brother, her overall crass nature, and her relationship with her granola-eating boyfriend.

The Last Post was just the book that I was hoping it would be.  It was profound, sincere, heartfelt, and utterly unforgettable.  It is definitely a favorite for 2019!

*5 Stars

The Last Post 
 By Renée Carlino

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